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The Power of Positivity

It’s a well-known phrase for a reason because it holds truth! “The Power of Positivity”… With all of the changes professionally, and most recently personally, hitting one of my children at home, not to mention one hell of a year dealing with this pandemic, I have come to realize something. I’ve realized that without my training, my coaching, and my overall personality, paired with my focus on not allowing toxic thoughts to enter into my mind, I probably would have cracked (or worse) by now!

You see, each of us determines what we will allow to bother us or what we allow to “get into our head.” That person who just yelled at you or who was abrasive in their conversation and wishes to be argumentative and who never seeks solutions, but only seeks conflict and confrontation, can always get under our skin or fester inside of us. I personally have had days where I feel like I’m wearing a coat of armor by the time my workday starts, but by the end of the day, I’m left with only tin foil. (By the way… tin foil will easily be penetrated.)

Please understand me… It is not easy to train yourself to be and remain positive. But, over time, it gets easier and easier. My sister and I were having dinner when she started to complain and worry about all kinds of stuff. When this happens, I try to encourage positive thoughts immediately so they don’t persist for another 30 minutes. Suddenly she says, “Where did you learn all of this stuff?” Again, after years of training the mind, you too can become a better person or more positive-minded and even-tempered. I told her that 90% of the problems people worry about never come to fruition. And here’s the hard part… When the issue hits you and your family, and it’s that close to home, it WILL challenge you. When you’re in a leadership position and looked up to and they are coming to you for that positivity and guidance, and all you want to do is have a drink and cry in the corner, you still must continue on and push through.

Yup, time to practice what we preach. I can’t express enough how important this moment is for your loved ones. For this reason, a couple of years ago, I had the Japanese symbol for “Faith” tattooed on the left side of my chest. Your faith will lead to positivity and carry you through the darkest of moments. Not only for you and your family, but also your team. This is the truth! Take it from me.

So, if you’re blessed enough to be called a leader, may I strongly suggest making positivity one of your core values both professionally and personally? It’s not what happens to you, but how you handle it. While I thought I’d seen it all, I guess not. And now it’s not a question of if more issues are coming, but more of a question of ‘when?’… I say, “bring it on,” as I refuse to allow toxic people or situations to enter my headspace, and everyone does have that choice to make. And yes, you too have that choice to make.

So, what’s it going to be? People are counting on you.



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