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Recognizing The Talent Around You

If you desire to grow and scale, you will need a process as demands on your time and priorities shift

Recently, I was asked, “what process do I have to recognize existing talent on your team?”. I went silent, considering that excellent question because I felt from knowing all of my team that I could immediately provide names.

If, However, you desire to grow and scale, you will need a process as demands on your time and priorities shift. As I write this, I am proud to announce that we continue promoting from within by recognizing our team’s existing extraordinary talent.

Making Moves

One of our Sales Managers was recently promoted to Branch Manager while two successful Loan Advisors moved to Sales Managers. These leaders in the industry are strong, equipped with keen intellects, and all are women. Having a well-diversified team is a core value I embrace,and in my opinion, women offer a well-rounded and holistic viewpoint in the mortgage industry. This translates to success in my team and I’m happy to report it.

Recognizing existing talent from within promotes a healthy organization. Morale increases, retention increases, and it shows that opportunity exists for all.

Our Rock

Have you ever had someone who is not excelling in their current role? Interestingly, many companies immediately look to replace that person and open up a req for an outside candidate. I believe that there is opportunity where perceived weakness lies.. Often, the individual may simply be a better fit in another position within the organization. An perfect example is our current Branch Administrator who is amazing at her job and I couldn’t be happier with her performance. She started with me as a processor and it just wasn’t a good fit.

Instead of parting ways, I recognized her attention to detail, impeccable communication and her proactivity in everything she does. I offered her an administrative position and neither of us looked back!

Continue to Expand

None of us are perfect, so make sure you aren’t cutting someone’s valued role within your organization short because you potentially didn’t put them in the right spot in the first place! Even I can do a better job to ensure I am constantly recognizing existing talent within the organization.

Remember, there is talent all around us.

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