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Is it just me, or have you observed people have been a bit more angry post-pandemic?

Is it just me, or have you observed people have been a bit more angry post-pandemic? Once the doors reopened and we all reentered society after our year (or more) of lockdowns, it seems that we all forgot how to interact with one another!

What happened?

Anger On The Rise

The violence has gotten so bad that many airlines stopped serving alcohol during flights. In another instance, a first-class passenger hit a flight attendant because she supposedly bumped into him by accident.

When in crowds, people have started to act almost like animals – pushing and shoving to get through regardless of who is in their way. Many seem to have lost respect for the elderly – not allowing them to go in front of them at the grocery checkout.

Think about it – when was the last time someone said “Good Morning!” to you during your walk? Why are school shootings increasing? Why has online social media become the place to vent our frustrations?

The anger has risen and overflowed into the workplace. People in the office seem to have little patience, and I have even observed “anger management” issues that definitely violate the professional conduct policy!

Here’s the bottom line: this needs to stop!

What Leaders Can Do to Stop The Violence

Fortunately, there may be an answer – and it starts with leaders modeling a better way.

While being a leader is not for the faint of heart, it’s our responsibility to step up and stop these behaviors both inside and outside of the work environment. The key is not the person but their behaviors.

One of my primary core values is being Humble. So many are challenging my training on this, even though humility is key to making our world a better, more peaceful place to live.

For us to get back to a semblance of common courtesy and kindness, I am challenging all leaders to remind their teams we need to get back to basics. Here are eight reminders we all need to remind ourselves of – and model for others:

  1. Only speak to others as you would like someone to talk to your mother.
  2. Always respect the elderly – as one day you too will be old.
  3. Open the door for others – including your wife, mother, and children.
  4. Ensure ladies first in all things.
  5. Don’t be a bully or push people around in crowds. It’s ok to say, “excuse me.”
  6. Yelling rarely helps diffuse a tense situation.
  7. Try to be more patient with your surroundings.
  8. Walking away from the situation – although difficult – is almost always a winning approach.

We Can Make Our World Better – Together

My commitment is to try and make the world a better place.

How? By being a role model for my family and kids. By being more grateful, appreciative, and humble in all things.

There are many ways to give back that don’t require money. Remember, time is just as valuable. Together, we can teach others the difference between right and wrong.

Who is with me on this? I challenge anyone reading to answer this call to action: “Are you going to help? Or will you allow these behaviors to continue?”


Together, we have the power to change lives and leave a lasting impact.

Are you ready to join the movement?
Let's make a difference together.

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