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Navigating the Market

How many ways do you have to attract customers? How many ways do you have to ensure that your client's offer is accepted?

Why is it that the top 25% always make it?

Over the past three decades, I have been blessed to observe many top producers and leaders. A perfect example is one of my favorite individual producers from seventeen years ago! This single producer funded $220 Million a year. No small task, when the average loan size was a fraction of what it is today.

So, how do these individuals always seem to overcome diversity and challenging markets?

These people all have some universal truths they adhere to. Positivity, excellent work ethics, understanding of the market and trends. Above all, however, is this one element and ultimately the reason for their successes.

They “lean in” when things get tough. They lean in when people get fearful. They embrace the willingness to learn and ask themselves, “How can I do better? Who else is winning at this?”

This isn’t the truth of the majority. The majority depend on excuses. The elite overcame them. People will say the market is terrible, clients are difficult to deal with, and retreat.

“What got you here, won’t get you there.”

If you ever heard the phrase “What got you here, won’t get you there.” it’s exactly the case. The same activities you put in for the first $1,000 aren’t the same activities as the first $100,000 and the first $1,000,000 would be deterred by the activities that got you to the former.

It’s all about leaning into the challenges, Doing what you have to do to scale. Hard work beats talent all day long. When your clients ghost you or cheat on you with another person, do you get mad? Or do you work on getting better? Be honest with yourself.

Let’s use sports as an illustration. If your game plan is not working in a game, do you stick to it? Do you have an opportunity to adjust? Generally, if you don’t change, that game is lost.

Just like top athletes, the top 25% of producers know the answers to the following questions. How many ways do you have to attract clients? How many ways do you have to ensure your client’s offer gets accepted? Do you have a playbook? LEAN. IN.

So if you are frustrated and struggling, most likely, you’re not leaning in. So here are my questions and suggestions in closing.

  1. What areas of your business aren’t running optimally, and can you rank them for the immediate change needed right now or that can change later?
  2. Is it perhaps time to get into coaching? Is there potential to go to a live seminar to learn something new?
  3. Is there someone who could help hold you accountable? An accountability partner? We know that when you measure performance, it improves.

Until next time my friends, cheers!

Navigating the Market

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