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Originally born and raised in New York, I moved from Northern California to Santa Barbara to attend UCSB. I stayed raising my family until recently, moving to Palm Springs in 2020 during the Pandemic. Being married and the father of three children has taught me many things. In my free time, I enjoy going to the gym in the early morning, going to the movies with my wife and family, and golfing with clients and friends.

I genuinely enjoy what I do and believe it's all about the people and leadership that separates us from my experience in the Mortgage and Banking industries. It's essential to have a "Positive" work culture and support structure in place, especially during difficult periods. I am committed to ensuring our clients and referral partners have only the best experience and advice possible.

My core values and beliefs are:


  1. Always seek and be open to improvement.

  2. It's important to stay positive. My glass is always half full.

  3. Be and stay humble.

  4. Family first always. Remember, balance is vital for a healthy life.


I am a Non-Producing Manager looking for Sales Managers and Loan Advisors that live by Integrity and Sincerity. Let's connect now so you can hear how we can align and grow your business together.

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HERE'S WHY . . .

  • Is your Leadership aligned with your Vision and Core Values?


  • Are you working for a Producing Manager and not feeling like the support is mutual?


  • Does your Leadership help you grow and support your brand?


  • Is your Leadership flat and accessible?


  • Is your Leadership and operations support involved with weekly pipeline calls?


  • Do you feel like you’re a candle in a dark room and no one can see you?


I am pleased to share that our attrition rate is virtually zero. This is possible because we have created a positive work environment where everyone matters and is respected. It's about the client experience and always doing the right thing no matter what. Reputations are earned and never given.


If you are even 1% remotely interested in anything I have said, please reach out to me for a private discussion. Let's begin a relationship and trusted partnership for when you feel ready for change.

Let's begin today.

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